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to collaborate on projects and share ideas more easily

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Welcome to Student Starter, the social platform where students and academics can collaborate on projects and share ideas.

On the platform, students can upload projects for their lecturers to see, vote and comment on. The projects can range from business plans to research posters and even group coursework. Students can upload photos along with their projects and they can also easily embed YouTube or Vimeo videos.

Lecturers have control over their cohorts and they can easily manage student projects in activities such as competitions or group coursework. Different privacy layers are available to offer flexibility in terms of either protecting individual student ideas like research proposals, or making projects publicly available to increase peer to peer feedback and encourage conversations.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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Manage Research Proposals
And simplify the process of allocating dissertation supervisors

Students publish research posters and then nominate the lecturers they want as potential supervisors. Feedback can be provided in the form of comments on individual projects.

Lecturers receive automatic email notifications when nominated, and can browse all the research posters to select the students that they want to work with. They can also advertise their own research interests for students to see.

BSc and MSc Directors can control their whole cohort and check the status of the process from an admin dashboard. They can also download a CSV file with all the matches between supervisors and students.

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Host Competitions
Track and manage competition entries and vote for the winners

Students post their projects online for their lecturers and judges to see. They can add photos, videos and comments, and depending on the privacy option they can also see other the entries of the competition.

Judges have their own profiles and can browse all the projects, evaluating them and voting for the ones that they think deserve to win. They can also comment on projects and filter by project title, creation date or number of votes.

Competition organisers can allocate specific numbers of votes and check on the status of the process from an admin dashboard. They can even allow students to vote, discerning between who judges think should win and who students think should win.

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Simulate Crowdfunding Initiatives
Allow students to give credits to the projects they care most about

New products and business models have emerged from the success of using crowdfunding as a financing and demand generation mechanism.

You can use Student Starter as an e-learning platform to simulate crowdfunding initiatives, creating a controlled environment where students can practice and see how the new business models work.

Students receive a specific number of credits so they can “finance” the projects they think should win. Coming up with new business ideas requires creativity and having to finance only the best projects engages the students’ critical thinking abilities and evaluation skills.

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Manage Video Coursework
Student videos are easier to track, manage and evaluate in one place

Videos are becoming more and more important not just from a media and content point of view, but also from an e-learning perspective. Besides being used in class sessions and MOOCs, video content can also be used as part of group coursework to encourage better team-level engagement.

Students have reported that videos help them understand theoretical concepts in a much more approachable way. And coursework involving video materials also helps students develop a wider range of skills.

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